The number of the new car which is sold a year is approximately 5,300,000 in Japan. On the other hand, the scrapped used car amounts to approximately 3,400,000. I am dismantled by a housebreaker to have most of approximately 2,500 in the country and am assorted as iron scraps and usable parts. It is overseas motor parts buyers now to pay attention to the used parts. The demand for parts necessary to repair it increases while it is high in the popularity of the Japanese used car in foreign countries, and not only the new car but also the used car demand swells out. There is the car housebreaker of the industry most check in Kanazawa-shi, Ishikawa for the amount of business of such motor parts. It is "meeting treasure industry" to deal with 74 countries of the world in. I attracted attention from an overseas buyer by an original action and accomplished growth from a small small factory in town to the global company. Besides, the industry attracts attention of, working including the project to spread a dismantling technology of Japan to an action, the world overturning the image of the Japanese car housebreaking from the foreign countries. Kondo of the president says. "I build the business model that can reuse 1,100 million cars running over the earth without waste". I approach the total picture of the unknown car used parts business.